An Odour Causes a Stink

Once upon a time there was a dental office. The dentist hired a new hygienist without an employment contract. Very soon, there were complaints from clients about an embarrassing issue. The hygienist had body odour issues. Hygienists work in such close proximity with the patient that it was a real concern. The dentist wasn’t sure what to do, but figured it was the first 90 days, so she was on probation and he would just let her go without cause.

The issues:

  • If there is no employment contract stating the probationary period, there is no probationary period.
  • She found out why she was let go after asking around. She had a medical issue causing the problem so the dentist had now terminated her based on a medical problem.

Outcome: She sued. She won. He paid.

Had he been working with us at Peninsula, he would have had proper contracts in place, proper policies, and 24 hour advice to help him handle employee issues in the correct manner.

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