A little ditty about Diane – Workplace Harassment

Once upon a time there was a Real Estate Brokerage. One of the female Sales Representatives (let’s call her Diane) was having some problems with her male colleagues.

Her male colleagues were making inappropriate comments to her like: “You are too aggressive” and “You sell like a man”. She was upset, understandably, and went to her Broker Manager.

The Broker Manager brushed off her concerns with the old “Boys will be boys,” and “Just ignore it.”

Diane was quite upset with the ongoing harassment and with the lack of action by management.

The treatment continued from her male colleagues without any managerial intervention. It got to the point where Diane felt so uncomfortable, she believed there was no other option but to resign from her employment with the Brokerage.

Upon reflection, she contacted an Employment Lawyer who advised her that the Brokerage was required to establish and implement a training regime regarding Violence & Harassment in the Workplace for her and all her colleagues, in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). In addition, the employment lawyer found that the brokerage lacked written Health & Safety polices and a Joint Health & Safety committee (a requirement if there are more than 20 workers at the Brokerage).

Diane filed a claim with the MOL for having an inadequate and incomplete workplace harassment program. The MOL investigated and issued an order to pay after finding that the Brokerage was breaching its Violence & Harassment obligations.

She reported. She filed a claim. They paid.

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